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BMT with Epicor enables vital businesses worldwide to refine their processes, elevate supply chain dynamics, and maintain a strategic edge over competitors.

Epicor Industry ERP Cloud elevates your business in a crowded field of competitors. It delivers easy access to the cutting-edge technologies, enhanced

security, and razor-sharp app performance.

  • Strengthen cybersecurity
  • Reduce risk
  • Stay current with modern technology
  • Expand your business


Enterprises operating cloud-based solutions


Global datacenter regions


Historical Uptime

Sustainability in the Make, Move, Sell Economy


Empower users with a scalable cloud solution with the agility to adapt to anevolving business climate. Enjoy unwavering confidence with Epicor’s secure,online ERP.


Wholesale distributors can experience substantial sales growth, enhancedprofit margins, and a major lift in productivity through using Epicor’s secure,cutting-edge ERP system.



Ours company was established in 2018, we are engaged in the sale and installation of displays starting from videowall (indoor, outdoor) and videotron. And now we have added our line of business by providing a sound system installation and projector. With our capabilities, we have been trusted by various companies and government agencies to supply and install displays, we have also been trusted several times to work on an national project, on an international scale.

We are committed to providing professional, creative and innovative display products. And we also aspire to become a leading and trusted company in providing displays and sound system needs.

Customer smile, we will ensure customer satisfaction, before customers feel satisfied we will work hard and strive to make it happen.

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